Vehicle Parts

Pumps – calipers – pistons – seals – servobrakes – master cylinders - brake-shoes – torque drivers – hoses – brake cables – pads – discs – brake drums ... continue


Servicing of hydraulic and vacuum plants for any application through washing up, sandblasting and shot peening of components to be serviced, for front ... continue

Adjustments & Revisions

Restoring of brake discs, brake drums, flywheels, clutch pressure plates and clutch gears through tool lathing or abrasive grinding. continue


Design and sale of reinforced clutches with sintered discs, boosted clutch pressure plates, enlightened steel flywheels. Design and sale of boosted br ... continue


Fitted brake pipes and stainless steel braded hoses, construction of brake cables, clutch controls according to your drawing or sample, rings, brake l ... continue


Soling, riveting, hot gluing with friction materials suitable for: brake shoes, brake pads, brake blocks, bands, linings, brake and clutch discs, also ... continue